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Merdeka Precision, is a total solution with the cutting edge of technological advancements using machines automated through CNC (Computer Numerical Control). Merdeka Precision has achieved the following international standard certifications in quality management systems: ISO 9001:2000 and 9001:2008.


We provide the solution for your production needs. Supported by cutting edge Japanese technology, our CNC machine accompanied by our excellent
quality assurance, guarantees prompt and precise results.




We deliver custom components through job order according to your factory needs, including:
• Shaft
• Bushing
• Gears
• Hydraulic System
• Dies and Moulding
• Roll
• Machine Mechanical Components
• Cutting Tools
• Rotary Blade
• Sharing Blade



We provide reliable solution through Engine Overhauling Process, including:

• Slep As Kruk, Stang, Cylinder Head
• Verbosh Blok, Verbosh Setting
• Korter Blok
• Line Boring (Machine Block Centering)
• Honing Liner (Puring)
• Replacement Metal Noken As
• Piston, Boshlep, Remer, Puring
• Bos Piston
• Injection Pump Calibration Test
• Injection Pump Nozzle Test

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• No. 2 in Quality, Cost & Delivery, PT. Showa Indonesia Mfg (2005)
• Best subcontractor in the category “production support”, PT. Showa Indonesia Mfg (2001)
• Listed among the Top 5 subcontractors in production support, PT Showa Indonesia Mfg (2000)



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